Having worked with John side by side in many areas of training, I am proud to say that he is a consummate professional that strives to bring his expertise and knowledge into every class he delivers. His attention to detail and broad experience makes him a worthy resource for your departments training needs.

Michael Daley

Fire Service Performance Concepts, LLC

My fire service brother John Hayowyk Jr. is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable educators that I have the pleasure of working with. His down to earth delivery style coupled with relevant fire service techniques will surely keep everyone in attendance interested and engaged in learning. I've personally learned so much from John about the thru-the-lock methods and have John regularly consult on numerous fire and emergency service issues with me. I consider John to be a great fire service professional, mentor, and most of all one of my closest friends. I highly encourage everyone to give John a call and see how he can help you or your organization seek continuous improvement.

John Dixon

Fire Officer / Instructor NFFF Advocate
Instructor John Dixon

In the fire service today, there are many great fire service instructors who are contributing greatly to improving our skills, expertise, and service delivery to our citizens. However, there are a few instructors who stand out. They stand out because of their great passion, their expertise, and most importantly in their ability to convey the subject matter to the students in such a way that the student can easily understand. Instructor John Hayowyk Jr is one such instructor that stands out amidst the crowd. His ability to relate the subject matter to his audience makes him a tremendous effective instructor. His demeanor is one that makes the students feel at ease and his knowledge of the subject matter makes him an asset to the future of the fire service. I have personally witnessed his work ethic, his clear and concise delivery of a subject, and his willingness to demonstrate that not only does he understand the subject matter but that he is tactically proficient in it as well. All of these traits together combined are what sets him apart. I am blessed to have him as a friend, a mentor, and admire his strong work ethic all the while remaining a dedicated family man.

Instructor Andy Starnes

KTF Burns Deputy Chief
Project Kill The Flashover
Thermal Imaging SME
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