Officer Development Classes

Commanding, The 1st 30 Minutes & Beyond

The first 30 minutes at a working fire will set the stage for success or an uphill battle. This interactive class takes the students and places them in the front right seat of the 1st due apparatus and walks them through the steps to successfully handle the emergency situation.   Areas of focus include:

-Pre-Arrival Info                                     - Establishment of Command    

- Incident Size Up                                   - Resource Request  

- Engine / Truck Ops                               - Incident Command & Control

The scenarios are based on your local buildings & establishments.

This personalized class incorporates local buildings into the discussion for making tactical decisions based on the information provided and the visual cues. 



Report Writing "PAINTING THE PICTURE" – Run Reports / NFIRS / Summary Narratives

This is a critical skill for all officers and firefighters that are completing a run or incident report.  What occurs on scene must be properly documented to protect your members / department / municipality.    It is imperative to have the facts written down in a clear and concise manner to "paint the picture" to anyone that reads the report, especially civilians... (local administrtion & lawyers)  


Strategy & Tactics: 1st Due Decisions:  Chief's / Officers / Crew

This class discusses our response to several different incidnets.  We will discuss the every day responses to our bread and butter calls. We do not always respond to a working structure fire.  We are a service profession and are customer driven.  How we handle the smaller incidents has a direct correlation with how we will manage the larger ones.  We discuss managment & operations at all levels for each of these incidents.  This class is a scenario based open dialog for everyone share their knowlege and experiences on handling these incidents.

- Carbon Monoxide Alarms                                   - Odors of Gas Ivestgations

- MVA's                                                                 - Vehicle Fires

- Cuminary Mishaps (Over Cooked Food)           - Structure Fires: Residential &Commercial Buildings

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