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3 Ways To Access The Roof Quickly – Part 1 | FireFighterToolBox

How many options do we have to get to the roof of a Type 3 (ordinary construction) building? For most of us the answer is to the take the ladder or aerial device. The true answer is ALF. Adjoining Buildings / Ladders / Fire Escapes We will discuss 3 ways to access the roof, ranging from easiest to the most difficult and dangerous. #1 – Adjoining Bu
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When operating at a structure fire, there are several tasks that must be accomplished to make the building behave. The truck company is responsible for the following priority tasks: forcible entry, search, ventilation, and fire containment. Some of these tasks are typically performed prior to the first line being placed into service, although the t
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The halligan is one of the most utilized pieces of equipment in the fire service. Since its creation, the halligan has shown itself to be the go to tool.
Battalion Chief John Hayowyk, Jr., explains why it is ideal to break down an incident action plan into segments.
Capt. John A. Hayowyk Jr. urges preparation for the variety of calls that will come that originate from home-heating equipment.
One effective way to spend valuable training time is having firefighters read, review, and analyze fire service magazine articles, photos, and videos. The officer can have them focus on a specific fire scene item: scene size-up, life hazards, building construction, and so forth. Each member will see something different, based on his experience, tha
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Quantity / Description1 18" Zipper Tool Bag----Husky---Home Depot2 6-in-one Screwdrivers1 6-piece screwdriver set1 3lb. Sledgehammer1 6" long Needle Nose Pliers1 8" Slip Joint Pliers with one handle modified for the Key Tool: Use less expensive pliers only*1 4" Vice Grip type pliers with Eye Hook Modification1 8" Vice Grip type pliers with Eye Hook
PURPOSE: Thru-the-Lock Forcible Entry for Doorknob Removal of Residential & Commercial BuildingsPROCEDURE: Slowly grind the fork end to create a 1 ¼” wide by 1 ¼” deep gap between the forks w/ bench grinder (Easiest)DISCLAIMER: (Get Permission to Modify the Halligan FIRST) / Wear Proper PPE while using a GrinderTIPS: Wire Brush the sharp edges when
Don't have wood or metal to cut; there is always somewhere to DRAW!This prop will assist in teaching different cut techniques w/o the mess and noise.
   One of the simplest and most advantageous modifications to a Halligan Bar is to GAP the forks. Gapping the forks of the halligan makes a conventional forcible entry tool into a THRU-THE-LOCK tool.   Thru-the-Knob Technique: This technique is based on using leverage to force the knob off from the knob assembly. This is accompl
What are your concerns with combustible storage? What tactics would you use to handle an exterior fire at this facility?
As we welcome in the New Year we see new leaders & members enter into the emergency services field. Our wish & hope is for a safe New Year to all.
What are you concerns with this door and maybe what's behind it? When your in buildings it is important to watch out for things that are out of the ordinary that may cause issues for us during a fire.
Q-Decking & Metal Bar-joist Trusses are not just found in commercial buildings. This residential structure has truss construction with metal Q-decking that is usually found on the roof of Type 2 Non & Limited Combustible Constructed Building. This is the floor to a residential garage which is part of a house that is being constructed. There are hid
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